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Perugia Press publishes one collection of poetry each year, by a woman at the beginning of her publishing career. Our mission is to produce beautiful books that interest long-time readers of poetry and welcome those new to poetry. We also aim to celebrate and promote poetry whenever we can.

All Perugia poets are available for readings. Please contact the press to schedule an event.

2014 Winner

Sweet Husk
By Corrie Williamson

Winner of the 2014 Perugia Press Prize

The poems in Sweet Husk move between the living and the dead, seeking connection with and through the past, often via the act of digging and excavation. Here, poetry and archaeology reflect one another: what is buried may provide insight into the ways we engage with the world. The poems are full of matter, of things that matter—artifacts and animals—and build on pattern, series, and echoes, that focus on making/remaking from what is broken, dead, unsung, or left behind. We see how small our lives are—dwarfed by our place in a vast landscape—of both topography and time. We see how little we can know about ourselves, even with dedicated cataloguing and search. Sweet Husk concerns itself with our human place in the narrative of the earth.

Sweet Husk is due to be released in September 2014.

Semi-Finalists: Julia Bouwsma, The Art of Pulling Hearts; Mary Buchinger, Aerialist; Maureen Micus Crisick, Pipefitter’s Daughter; Allison Davis, Line; Peg Davis, Right Here, Under the Milky Way; Regina DiPerna, A Map of Veins; Ellen Elder, Mother, Float; Sarah Freligh, Sad Math; Sarah Giragosian, Queer Fish; Jennifer Highland, A Hundred Doors Open; Leah Huizar, Another Empire; Cynthia Manick, Blue Hallelujahs; Lynn Pedersen, The Nomenclature of Small Things; Kristin Robertson, Surgical Wing; Chelsea Wagenaar, Mercy Spurs the Bone.

2013 Winner

Begin Empty-Handed

Begin Empty-Handed
By Gail Martin

Winner of the 2013 Perugia Press Prize

The poems in Begin Empty-Handed ride the hinge between the life expected and the reality of life in process. When the mid-life speaker surrenders to hard truths—loss of parent, enduring marriage, daughters in trouble, for example—she’s a subject-changer, she digresses, pivoting between being empathetic and disengaged. The result is a paradoxical, believable stance with a witty and ironic tone. Laura Kasischke calls the poems, “precise and crafted by the surest and most capable of hands.”

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“You put your finger on the pulse of the problem with this manuscript.”
— Rebecca Foust, November 2012

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