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Perugia Press publishes one collection of poetry each year, by a woman at the beginning of her publishing career. Our mission is to produce beautiful books that interest long-time readers of poetry and welcome those new to poetry. We also aim to celebrate and promote poetry whenever we can.

All Perugia poets are available for readings. Please contact the press to schedule an event.

2015 Winner

by Jenifer Browne Lawrence

Winner of the 2015 Perugia Press Prize

Set in the temperate rainforest of Southeast Alaska and the Pacific Coast, Grayling uncovers the interior wilderness of a woman shaped by and inhabiting the rough country of her upbringing. These trim, lyric poems, structurally and syntactically fresh, follow a compelling narrative thread, as the poet writes back into her circle a father who was both threat and savior, a sister who died too young, and herself as mother. The specific northwest coastal landscape, memory, and experience weave together as Grayling straddles the faultline between past and present. One reader likens the poems to “a singing cemetery.” Throughout, Lawrence’s voice is confident and patient.

Jenifer Browne Lawrence was raised in Alaska, and works as a civil engineer technician on the Puget Sound. She edits the Seattle-based Crab Creek Review. This is her second book.

Grayling is due to be released in September 2015.

Semi-Finalists: Bonnie Bolling, The Red Hijab; Daniela Buccilli, Hippie Teachers; Allison Davis, On the Line; Juditha Dowd, Audubon’s Sparrow; Melanie Drane, The City of Blademakers; Christina Hutchins, Tender the Maker; Joey Kingsley, Hinges; Michelle Menting, Upland; Mary Morris, In the Name of the Body; Katharine Rauk, Little Dream Gumball Machine; Kristen Rembold, The Pioneer Sonnets; Kristin Robertson, Least Concern; Cathie Sandstrom, All the Land Around Us; Brittney Scott, The Derelict Daughter; Nicole Tong, And the Place Was Water; Angela Voras-Hills, Here Begins the Account of Worms; Ruth Williams, Pleasurable Aberration of a Foreign Body.

Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

Sunday, March 29, 2015
The Festival Book Expo
Calling book lovers of all ages! The Festival Book Expo offers a special opportunity to mingle and talk with outstanding authors, publishing companies, writing programs, and booksellers in the Berkshire region, along with other related businesses and vendors. Join us for what is sure to be one of the most memorable events of the 2015 Fifth Anniversary Festival Season, complete with readings, children’s activities, raffles, and lots of great books!
Crowne Plaza Hotel
One West Street
Pittsfield, MA
More information: Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

2014 Winner

Sweet Husk

Sweet Husk
By Corrie Williamson

Winner of the 2014 Perugia Press Prize

In Sweet Husk, poetry and archaeology reflect one another: what is buried provides insight into—and deepens the mystery of—the ways we engage with the world. Full of matter, of things that matter—artifacts and animals—the poems build elegantly on pattern, series, and echoes that focus on making/remaking from what is broken, dead, or unsung. We see how our lives are dwarfed by our place in the vast landscape of topography and time. Gregory Orr says, “With a deft ear and a sharp eye, Williamson probes the mysteries of this world and they sing under her scrutiny.”

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